Registered User Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms of Agreement

If you agree to be bound by these Registered User Terms and Conditions:

You repeat and affirm your agreement to:

  1. General Terms of Use of Website; and
  2. Advertiser Terms and Conditions; and
  3. Buyer and Bidder Terms and Conditions; and
  4. these Registered User Terms and Conditions.

Your entitlement to be a Registered User of the Website is offered at our discretion and we maintain the right to accept or reject any application to become or renew Registered User status; and

any failure to observe these Registered User Terms and Conditions by a Registered User may result in termination of the Registered User status.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - As part of the process of becoming a Registered User on RightCost, you will be asked to provide proof of identity by way of either a Driver Licence or Passport.  The document details you provide as evidence of your identity will be checked via the Document Verification Service (DVS).  You can find more information about the DVS at

If you do not provide your Driver Licence or Passport Number or your document is not verified by the DVS, we may not be satisfied as to your identity and you may not be able to become a Registered User on RightCost.

By doing this, we are providing a secure website for everyone in our User community, saving time for our customers by removing the need for paper-intensive and time-consuming manual verification, which means you can start using our services straight away.

Your privacy is protected as RightCost does NOT store your Driver Licence or Passport details and they are only used at the point of registration for ID verification.


  1. Registered User Password Security

Once you become a Registered User, you will receive a password.  You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.  Furthermore, you are entirely responsible for the consequences for any and all activities, which occur under your email address and password.  You agree immediately to notify us of any unauthorised use of your email address or password or any other breach of security of which you become aware.

Registration as a Registered User does not create any relationship of Estate Agent between RightCost and the Registered User.  To appoint RightCost as an agent, the Registered User must further register as a Seller to sell their property via RightCost online sales processes and accept the Seller Terms and Conditions or accept the Advertising Only Terms and Conditions for advertising their property in the Classifieds section on RightCost. 

RightCost does not act as an Estate Agent for a Buyer or would-be Buyer.


  1. Credit Card Security

Even though most banks limit your liability in certain circumstances, you may be held liable by us for fraudulent use of your credit or debit card if your actions have contributed to the unauthorised use of your credit card.  In the event of unauthorised use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.


  1. Reviews, Feedback, Forums

As a Registered User, Files that you upload, public messages that you send and your activity in dialogue, discussion, and forums on the Website may be subject to review by the Company’s web content manager.

RightCost does not always monitor or block opinions posted by Registered Users on the Website nor investigate any remarks for accuracy or veracity. RightCost does not accept any liability for the accuracy or content of any material posted by other users or Registered Users on the Website, including that reviewed, modified or deleted by RightCost in good faith.

You release RightCost from any claim, demands, proceedings, losses and damages (actual, special and consequential of every kind and nature including all legal fees) that may arise as a result of any use of the feedback system on the Website.


  1. Copyright in Reviews and Comments

In addition to the licences and warranties set out above, you grant to us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, create compilations or adaptations of, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, disseminate, communicate, perform, and display to us all present and future copyright in all of original content subsequently submitted or posted by you to the Website including without limitation: comments, forum posts, public messages, reviews, ratings and the compilation of any inspiration board (but not including the contents of any advertisement, advertiser’s profile, or any ‘get a quote’ submission). You also irrevocably authorise us to use the content in any way we please, including in a way that you might consider to infringe your moral rights in the content.


  1. Termination of Registered User Status

By you

If, after acceptance of your Registration, you object to any of these Registered User Terms and Conditions (including any subsequent amendments), you must immediately:

  • notify us by electronic mail which will terminate your Registered User status; and
  • all permissions based on your identity confirmation will be deleted.

You will not then be entitled to log in as a Registered User until you have resupplied the information then required to be a Registered User at the time you seek to re-register.


By RightCost

RightCost reserves the right to terminate your Registered User status where you or any person authorised by you:

(a) committed any breach of these Registered User Terms and Conditions, General Terms of Use of Website and you have failed to remedy that breach within twenty-four hours of receiving a notice to do so;

(b) engaged in conduct which reasonably could or might compromise the security of the Website or any data posted by RightCost or any other person;

(c) posted data to the Website which is false, misleading, deceptive, or calculated to mislead or deceive; or

(d) is subject to the order of any Court of competent jurisdiction freezing or enjoining any dealings with assets.

You will not then be entitled to log in as a Registered User until you have resupplied the information then required to be a Registered User at the time you seek to re-register.


Last updated on 01 May 2019.